Vision and Values


SRITAMA strives to be a visionary and reputable developer that builds quality commercial, industrial and residential properties with modern, practical and contemporary design. We work to achieve property holdings of one thousand grade A properties with positive cash flow. We help to fund charity organizations that help to build a caring and compassionate society.

Sritama Core Values:

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Do the best you can.
  3. Show others that you care.
  4. We treat our employees, customers, consultants, bankers, contractors and suppliers with respect and fairness.
  5. Attentive & friendly customer service,
  6. Cost effective & fast problem solving.

Mission Statement:

  1. We complete project in a fast and efficient manner with professional and thorough planning. 
  2. We strive for continuous growth and improvement in every aspect of our business.
  3. We maintain our properties in tip top condition and grow our rental income by 5% yearly. 
  4. We help our customers to gain satisfactory property appreciation.
  5. We  allocate 5% of our net profit for charity purpose to create a better world.



利馬有限公司致力成为具備远见和信誉並重的發展商,承諾成功打造有品質和經濟效應的商用物業, 建立時尚和当代设计的优质居家花園住宅物业。

我们实现公司集團持有至少一千單位以上一等的优良產業資產和雄厚的现金流, 為利馬有限公司成為發展商的絞絞者的成功因素, 我们同時帮助慈善组织提供资金和需求,以落實建立一个关怀和爱心的社会。


  1. 把事情做對。
  2. 儘自已最大的能力。
  3. 付出你的重視。
  4. 我们給予我们的员工,客户,顾问,银行家,承包商和供应商尊重, 公平和誠信。
  5. 细心和友好的客户服务,
  6. 具備經濟效應和有效问题處理。


  1. 我们以快速有效率的管理方式提供专业和完善的规划耒完成發展项目。
  2. 我们致力持续增长和改善每項環節的业务。
  3. 我们维持公司產業在最佳状态,租金收入以5%的年增长。
  4. 我们帮助我们的客户获得满意的物业增值。
  5. 我们將公司每年净利润的5%撥作慈善用途,以创造一个更美好的世界.